Anonymous wondered,

Hey, are you writing any fdrabbles about Daya soon ? Just so you know I love your fics and your blog is amazing love you :)

I’ve been mega busy and it takes like a lot of focus for me to sit down and write for long periods of time! But I do want to write more! I have a few prompts in my box I need to get on! Thank you so much! <3

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Anonymous wondered,

Naya surprises Demi by singing for her on the X Factor stage in front of all the judges and audience then she pops the big question :)

This is so late, but weekends are crazy for me! I’m sorry! Hopefully you enjoy! (: 

Demi is busy writing down some notes and looking over the other things she had written when she hears Mario’s voice, letting her know that they are back on the air. She still doesn’t look up though because the attention isn’t really on her at the moment and she’s too caught up, looking over the things she had written down about the last few contestants on the show. She’s so excited to get down to a winner, but she loves everyone that is there and it’s hard watching them go home.

However, she looks up in confusion when she hears Mario talking about a musical performance by a special guest. She had heard nothing of them having a musical guest tonight, and normally they would fill her in on something like that. 

She looks over at the other judges and asks them if they knew anything about it. They all shake their heads and look as confused as her. However she sees Kelly give Paulina a look, with a small smirk, which confuses her even more. They are up to something but she has no idea what it could be. 

"Naya Rivera!" Mario announces, making her head snap over to the stage. She’s definitely positive that her girlfriend of 2 years would have told her that she’d be performing on her show. But apparently not because the next thing she knows, Naya is on stage and the music from one of her newest Ballad’s and Demi’s favorite song from her new album is playing. It’s a really sweet and romantic song that Naya had told her she wrote about her, which made her love it even more. 

Deciding to question everyone later, she turns her attention to her girlfriend, smiling widely as she watches her perform. She always loves watching Naya perform, especially this song, though she’s never seen her perform this song live in front of an audience before. The album is new and she has only put out one single from it. 

Biting her lip, she lets out a giggle, completely swooning as Naya walks towards her and stands directly in front of her, serenading her. She feels Kelly squeeze onto her arm, excited, making her look over at her to see a dopey smile on the darker girls face. Demi just shakes her head, smiling and looks back to her girlfriend. 

She’s singing directly to her and it’s almost as if nobody else in the room is even there, even though there are actually thousands of people, cheering and singing along to Naya, obviously excited by her presence. 

Once the song is over, Demi can’t help but stand up, walking around the judges table to give her girlfriend a huge hug. “Why didn’t you tell me you were performing?” She asks, confused, but completely happy that the girl is here. 

"I wanted to surprise you." Naya responds, pulling away from the hug. "I have another surprise for you." She says with a mischievous glint in her eye. Demi can also tell that she’s nervous, which sort of confuses her. Naya is hardly ever nervous once she gets on stage, especially after already performing. She’s usually excited and on an adrenaline high. She gives the girl an encouraging smile, lifting a brow slightly at her, still confused as to why Naya is up to. 

Naya takes in a deep breath and grabs one of Demi’s hands with her own, keeping the microphone in her hand as well, knowing it’d just be mean not to let the audience here her. Besides, this is what she wanted. To purpose to her girlfriend on stage in front of thousands of people. 

"I’m going to make this short so I don’t take up too much of everyone’s time." She says, directing the judges and the audience before looking back over at Demi and letting out a nervous laugh. "Demi, we’ve been together now for 2 years and I can honestly say that it’s been the best years of my life." She starts off, making Demi smile widely back at her, not really believing that this is actually happening. "As soon as you came into my life I fell for you. I’d thought that I had loved before you, but I was wrong. It had never felt as good as it did with you and I have never felt so complete. I have no doubt in my mind that we are going to be together for the rest of our lives." She says sincerely as tears begin forming in Demi’s eyes. 

Naya glances back at the other judges and can see tears in both the girls eyes, and she swears she sees some in Simon’s as well. Taking in another deep breath, Demi gets down on one knee, making the room erupt in a series of gasps. She grins when Demi brings her hands up to her mouth, letting out her own gasp, more tears welling up in her eyes. 

She reaches into her back pocket, pulling out a black velvet box and opens it, presenting the ring up to Demi. “Demetria Devonne Lovato, will you please do me the honor of being my wife?” She asks, looking hopefully up at her long time girlfriend. 

Demi lets out a small raspy squeal as tears fall from her eyes. She nods her head frantically, not being able to find her voice and pulls Naya up to her feet. “Oh my god,” she mumbles, pulling the girl into a hug. “Yes, I will marry you! Yes,” she manages to get out, pulling back and pressing her lips firmly against Naya’s. 

Giggling against Demi’s lips, she kisses her back for a couple of seconds, before pulling away. She smiles widely at Demi and grabs her left hand, putting the ring on her finger. As soon as it’s on, she’s pulled into another hug, which she accepts happily. A few seconds later she feels other arms around her, and weight all around her. Looking up, she realizes that Kelly, Paulina, Mario and even Simon have them both wrapped up in a group hug. 

She hears Naya let out a giggle, making her smile widely, enjoying the love from all of her co-workers and friends. The girls are all practically bawling their eyes out as they congratulate the two of them over and over. 

They stand there for a few minutes before she hears Mario’s voice, which tells her that they need to get back to the show. Thankfully, they call for a commercial break though, which gives her a bit more time with her new fiance. 

Everyone finally pulls away from the hug and it’s just her and Demi left. Pulling away from the hug, she keeps her hands wrapped around Demi’s waist and grins affectionately over at her. “I love you so much,” Naya whispers sincerely. 

"I love you too." Demi responds immediately, still grinning widely. "You have no idea how happy I am right now," she gushes with a giggle. 

Naya shakes her head and leans in placing a chaste kiss on her lips. “I have a very good idea.” She tells her honestly. “Now, go back up there and finish the show and I’ll be right behind you in the audience.” Naya tells her, a bit reluctantly because she doesn’t really want to let her go yet. 

Demi frowns briefly as well, but then nods her head, knowing she has to. There are luckily only a couple of more acts left and she shouldn’t be too much longer. 

"I have another surprise for you when we get home." Naya says, making Demi’s brows furrow. Naya just gives her a sly grin and wiggles her eyebrows, making Demi realize what she’s talking about blush slightly, sort of hoping that the audience hadn’t heart that part. Naya giggles at her reaction and leans in kissing her soundly, before pulling away completely. 

She walks Demi back up to the judges table and stands behind the girl, with her hands resting on the blonde’s shoulders as she talks to the other judges for a minute until they are back on the air. Kelly and Paulina are completely gushing at her for what she had done and how happy they are for them. “Oh, babe,” Naya says, nudging her girlfriend slightly so that she’ll look up at her. Naya then nods her head towards the audience and looks out into it. 

Demi turns around and looks to where Naya is looking and she sees a lot of their friends out in the audience screaming and hollering for them. It’s most of the cast of Glee and a few other people as well, making Demi wave at them and grin even wider. She holds up her hand with the ring and not only their friends, but the entire audience erupts in cheers. 

Naya grins and then leans down, placing a kiss on the top of Demi’s head before making her way back into the audience with their friends. There isn’t much of the show left, but she knows it’ll feel like an eternity. All she wants to do is take her new fiance home and have her all to herself. 

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Daya Prompt:

Naya walks into her girlfriends house with a sigh, using the key that she had been given a couple of months ago. The two have now been together for 6 months and it is starting to get serious between them. Which is why Naya wants to tell the world about them and stop hiding it. She loves Demi and she wants everyone to know it. 

"Hey babe, how did it go?" Demi asks, walking into the living room after hearing her front door open. She walks over to the girl who is taking off her heels, and gives her a quick kiss. 

"It was okay," Naya says before walking past her and making her way into the kitchen. "I’m starving." She says, opening up the fridge. 

Demi frowns at her girlfriends behavior and follows her into the kitchen. “Conan is awesome, I figured you’d be in a better mood.” She states in confusion. “Did he say something? What happened?” She asks, trying to get down to the bottom of her girlfriends low mood. 

Naya just shrugs her shoulders and pulls out some leftover pasta she had made last night for the two of them. “No, he is, it went really well.” She nods, making her way over to the counter, to take the lid off of the pasta and pour some into another bowl. 

Demi walks around to the girl and warps her arms around her from behind. “Please tell me what’s wrong. I know you, and something is bothering you,” she says matter of fact, not giving Naya a chance to lie to her. 

Naya gets out of Demi’s embrace and walks around to the microwave, putting the bowl in and starting it up. “Have you eaten?” She asks, just realizing she hadn’t even asked or put enough in there for two. She had been too distracted. But when she looks up at Demi, she finds a firm look on her face, letting her know that the girl wasn’t going to answer her until Naya answered her question first. 

Sighing, Naya leans up against the counter and runs her fingers through her hair. “He just asked if I was dating anyone.” She mumbles, shrugging again as she folds her arms across her chest. “I told him that I’m not with Sean anymore and that I haven’t been for awhile and he asked if there was anyone new.” She explains. “He of course never guessed that someone new would be you.” She adds, looking up at her. 

"You didn’t tell him did you?" Demi asks a bit fearfully. 

Naya rolls her eyes a bit and picks at her nails. “No, I didn’t tell him.” She grumbles with a frown. “I told him that I was single.” She assures her. 

But that statement makes Demi frown, “You didn’t have to say you were single…” she trails off with a frown. 

This makes, Naya pick her head up, sending a slight glare at her girlfriend. “Then what the fuck am I supposed to say?” She asks, her anger finally starting to seep out. “You don’t want people knowing that we are together but you don’t want people thinking that I am single? I don’t know what you want from me.” She says, throwing her hands up in the air.

Demi winches at the girls anger and chews on her bottom lip. “I’m sorry…baby, you know that I’m just afraid.. I got a lot of hate from people when I was dating Joe and when I’ve been rumored to date other people. I can’t deal with hate.” She says lowly, letting her chin drop to her chest. 

Sighing, Naya, tries to calm herself down, not wanting to argue with Demi. She knows all about Demi’s past and she knows her reasonings for not wanting to be out. Especially considering most of her fans. They can be very brutal to the people that she dates, especially if they aren’t Heather. “I know,” she sighs, letting her hands fall to her sides. “I just hate having to lie about it. I love you and I don’t like hiding it.” She says quietly. 

Nodding, Demi takes a few steps forward until she’s standing in front of her girlfriend. “I’m sorry baby…” she says feeling terrible. “I don’t like hiding it either. Believe me, I want to yell to the entire world that you are mine, but….” she says, trailing off, not really knowing what else to say. They’ve had this talk many times and the same thing is always said. “I’m just scared…I know that I shouldn’t listen to people, but…i don’t want to go back to that place. I’m afraid I won’t be able to deal with the hate.” She says honestly. 

"Baby, I understand that." Naya assures her. "But, I’ll be here with you through everything and if you ever even start to feel like you are getting back to that place you have to tell me and I’ll help you through it. You’re not alone." She says sincerely, pulling Demi towards her. "Besides, what are you going to do when we are married and possibly have kids? Still hide it?" She asks curiously, knowing that won’t be possible and it’s just crazy anyway. 

Demi wraps her arms around her girlfriend’s neck. She can’t help but smile a bit at the girl’s words, only focusing on a certain thing she had said. “You think about us getting married and having kids?” She asks with a cute smile, scrunching her nose up. 

Naya chuckles, but rolls her eyes. “Of course that is the only thing you heard from all that.” She says shaking her head. “I do think about it, all the time.” She says honestly. “But that’s not what we are talking about.” She adds, raising a brow at the girl, not wanting to get off topic. 

"I think about it too." Demi admits with a smile. But after the look she gets from Naya, she sighs knowing that she won’t get away with changing the subject. "Just….give me a little more time okay?" She pleads, not wanting Naya to get mad, but knowing that she isn’t ready for that public announcement yet. 

Naya clenches her jaw, but tries to keep her emotions in check, not wanting to yell at the girl. “Okay,” she says simply, before pulling away from Demi and turning back to the microwave. She pulls the bowl out, grabs a fork and a bottle of water before heading out of the kitchen. “I’m going to eat and go to bed.” She tells the girl before disappearing through the house to Demi’s bedroom. 

Demi lets out a heavy sigh, her shoulders dropping. She knows that Naya is upset and she hates upsetting the girl. She really does want to come out to everyone, she’s just afraid. She hates when people send her hate, even if it’s from people she doesn’t know nor will she ever. They shouldn’t matter, but they do to her. She doesn’t like people not liking her. 

Sighing, Demi throws herself on her couch, not wanting to face and upset Naya yet. 

Finishing, eating, Naya places the empty bowl on the nightstand and settles herself in the bed. She’s surprised that Demi hadn’t come in yet and a little sad, but she understands. She knows that Demi is afraid, she jus wishes that she wouldn’t worry about all of those haters out there. They don’t matter and all that matters is the two of them, but she knows it’s not that simple to get Demi to feel that way. 

Picking up her phone, she starts scrolling through her twitter, seeing what everyone is up to and if anything interesting is posted. When she comes across her girlfriend’s icon, she stops scrolling to read what she had said. What she reads almost makes her drop her cell phone. 

"I’ve been afraid of announcing this because I know how hateful people can be but I am utterly in love with @NayaRivera. There, I said it." 

Naya smiles widely and wastes no time before crawling out of the bed, scrambling out from under the covers, her feet getting tangled and almost causing her to trip. But she finally manages to reach the bedroom door and flings the door open, her eyes searching for Demi. 

She spots her lying down on the couch asleep and she can’t help but smile at the sight of her. Walking over, she crawls on top of the blonde, and presses her body flush against Demi’s. She starts kissing the blonde’s neck until she hears Demi muttering and feels her stirring beneath her. “I love you so much,” Naya whispers, before nuzzling her nose into Demi’s neck. 

Demi smiles and wraps her arms around Naya. “I love you too.” 

"I can’t believe you did that." She says, pulling back and holding herself up on her elbow’s and looks down at her girlfriend. 

"I can’t either." Demi admits. "But, I’m glad that I did it." She adds, confidently. "I love you and I don’t want to hide it either. I know that I’ll get some hate, but I’m going to try and ignore it. But if I can’t, I know that you’ll be here." She explains to her, finally deciding after a lot of back and forth thinking, to just do it. 

Smiling widely, Naya leans down and presses her lips against Demi’s. “I’ll be here baby, every step of the way and if anything bothers you please just tell me.” She says, firmly, wanting Demi to know that she has to talk to her. Neither want her going back into that dark place. 

Demi just smiles and leans up, pressing their lips together once again. 

After one round on the couch and another in the bedroom, Naya lays awake, watching her beautiful girlfriend sleeping in the bed next to her. Grabbing her phone, she doesn’t even bother looking at her mentions, knowing that everyone is freaking out over the confession. All she does is make a tweet of her own. 

"And I am hopelessly in love with @ddlovato" 

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Daya Prompt:

Naya grabs onto Kevin’s arm next to her as she tries to control her laughter. Kevin’s not in much better shape than her, tears falling from his eyes as he laughs loudly. They’re the Los Angeles X Factor auditions and one of the worst acts have just finished performing. The man was wearing leather and a feather boa and is at least in his 50’s, and a very large man. His voice also sounds like a dying cat, though he thinks he’s a star. 

Naya smiles widely at Demi when the girl turns around from the judges table to look at her with a brow raised. Naya knows that Demi doesn’t like making fun of any of the performers that come to audition, thinking that it’s a type of bullying. Which in a way it could be considered that. But honestly, if you’re that bad, you can’t possibly think you’re good. She’s pretty sure that they just come through to get attention and 5 minutes of fame. 

"Oh my god that was terrible." Naya mumbles to Kevin, their laughter dying down as the judges start to give their opinions of his performance. She can’t help but smirk when Demi just passes her turn over to Kelly not even knowing what to say, considering she can’t really be mean. Simon on the other hand, gives one of his rude comments which makes Demi lean over and shake her head at him, even though she laughs as well. 

As the guy walks off the stage, Naya looks up at Demi who turns around in her chair to look at her once again, mouthing an, “oh my god.” Naya can’t help but giggle and shake her head. She wants to go up there and talk to her girlfriend but she knows that she can’t right now. And before she can even say anything else, the next act is on the stage and Demi has to turn back around in her chair at Paulina’s insistent tapping on her shoulder. 

Naya sees Paulina glance back at her and send her a knowing smile and a wink which makes Naya just chuckle. She’s been distracting Demi all day and every chance she has gotten, she’s turned around to talk to her. 

The next act is a girl who is 17 years old. She looks small and fragile and so nervous. She can hear the tone of Demi’s voice, which means that she thinks the girl is adorable. Naya can’t deny that she is either. She looks terrified but it’s sort of cute. Naya just hopes that she’s good, considering how insecure and scared she looks. 

When they start talking to her and asking her things, she starts talking about how she was bullied all of her life and she struggled with depression. When the words slip out of her mouth, Naya’s eyes fall on the back of Demi’s head, knowing that Demi had gone through the same things and she knows now Demi is really rooting for this girl to be good. 

The girl on stage known as, Ashley, is trying to hold back the tears as she talks about her past struggles and admits to cutting. Basically she has the same story as Demi and now Naya is rooting for her hard as well. She hates all of the things that Demi had gone through and she wishes more than anything that she had known Demi back then and she could have protected her from those things. 

However, she sees how strong Demi is and honestly she wouldn’t be the girl that Naya fell in love with if she hadn’t gone through those things. She admires her and even though she’s younger than her, Naya looks up to her in a way. She doesn’t know if she would have made it through those things that Demi did or would have come out as strong. She’s so proud of her and it makes her love her even more. 

When Demi starts talking to the girl about knowing how she feels, she can hear the tears in Demi’s voice, making tears start to prickle her own eyes. She just wants to go up there and comfort her girlfriend, but she knows that she can’t right now. She sees Paulina, put an arm around Demi and she doesn’t know if she’s more thankful or more jealous. She wants to be the one comforting her right now, but she is thankful that at least Paulina is doing it, since Naya can’t. 

The girl starts performing, and she absolutely blows the song away and what makes it even more tear jerking is that she’s singing, Demi’s song, Skyscraper. Tears are falling from Naya’s eyes at this point and she feels Kevin put an arm around her, making her lean into him slightly, the same way that Demi is doing with Paulina. 

When the song is over, Demi is out of her seat within seconds, clapping for her and so is Naya and the rest of the audience. She had literally been one of the best singers all day and with her story, it just made her incredible. 

A few seconds later, Demi walks off the judges platform and starts heading for the stage to hug the girl, which doesn’t surprise Naya. She places a hand over her chest as she watches the two meet in a tight embrace. She can hear Demi mumbling things to her from the microphone that the girl is holding, but nobody can really understand what she is saying, which Naya is thankful for. It’s private and between them, nobody needs to know. 

Demi pulls away slightly and wipes the tears away form the girls eyes, before giving her a smile, saying something else and walking back down from the stage. Naya can’t help it anymore and she stands up to say a quick word to Demi before she walks up to the judges table, but it already seems as though Demi was coming her way because in an instant, Demi is in Naya’s arms, her face buried in her neck. 

"Sshh, it’s okay," Naya coos, running her fingers through the girl’s blonde hair. She knows that all of this has brought up a lot of bad memories for her girlfriend and all she wants to do is take her out of the room and hold her and tell her that everything would be okay. But she knows Demi won’t leave. She just needs a minutes before sucking it all up and going back to doing her job. It’s one of the reasons Naya knows she’s so strong and loves her. 

Demi hugs Naya close to her, crying into her neck. “God, I’m sorry,” she apologizes and Naya isn’t sure if she’s apologizing to her directly or for having a moment in the middle of a recording for her TV show. 

Naya glances up at the other judges and they’re looking at the two of them with sympathetic and worried expressions on their faces. But Naya directs her attention back to the girl in her arms. “Don’t apologize baby,” she says quietly. “You’re so strong and I love you so much,” she whispers soothingly, placing a kiss on the top of her head. She is aware that the audience are all staring at them, but she doesn’t even care. “You inspire so many people, just like her and now you are going to help her dream come true.” She says, trying to make Demi feel better. “You’re so amazing Demi.” 

Demi nuzzles her face in Naya’s neck for a minute, and then finally pulls back, taking in a shaky breath and trying to get her emotions in check. “Thank you,” she whispers, looking lovingly at her girlfriend. 

Naya just smiles and brings her hands up, wiping Demi’s tears from her eyes with her thumbs. “Don’t thank me,” she says sincerely. “Now go up there and help make this girl’s dream come true, yeah? Help her give a big fuck you to her bullies.” She says with a smirk, making Demi chuckle and nod her head. 

Naya leans forward and places a kiss on Demi’s forehead before pulling away completely and watching the girl take her seat back up at the judges table. Paulina, puts her arm back around her as well as Kelly as Simon leans across the table, saying something to her. Naya knows they’re all asking her if she’s okay and saying comforting things to her. They all care about Demi like their little sister or in Simon’s case, like a daughter. 

Naya’s happy to be able to comfort the girl, but she’s also thankful for her X Factor family that she knows will take good care of her while Naya can’t. 


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